The book - Living The Life of Your Dream

Strategies To Make Great Things Happen

“Living the Life of your dreams” is a 6 part workbook that is designed to provide you with the direction, purpose and drive that you are looking for.

Each of the 6 modules includes a number of exercises and assignments that will walk you through the process of first working out what you want from your life and then, how you are going to get it.

The course will enable you to stop drifting along in life – instead you will discover what your life is all about and how you can go about to improve it.

You only live once so you’d better make the most of the time whilst you are here!

“Living the Life of your dreams” will be your very own life map of where you are now to where you want to get to.

You will soon rediscover those lost ambitions, those dreams that had fallen by the wayside. This is the time to start a fresh. So start right now!

Living The Life Of Your Dream –

Strategies To Make Great Things Happen.

Hard Copies of the book at

1. Attn Olayinka Johnson
Hope For Women Youth and Children Foundation (HWYCF)
   3, Rue Fernand Leger
   91320 Wissous. France

2. Attn AYWEN (Chez M. Johnson)
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The Author - Olayinka Johnson

Olayinka JOHNSON, Author, Solicitor, Consultant, Event Planner, Speaker, Leadership and Empowerment Coach has a passion to empower women to succeed in their God given assignment. She is the President of Hope For Women Youth And Children Foundation (HWYCF) a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in France with a vision to empower women and youth with leadership and sustainable wealth creation skills.

She is happily married to Pastor Tunde JOHNSON The National Coordinator and Provincial  Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God France Mission where she serves as the National Coordinator for the Women. 

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